About Us


MCO is a project service and management company in Thailand, in which it is managed by experienced Thai team. On a wealth of Engineering and Business Development experience in Thailand, MCO is working now for engineering, procurement of equipment and material, managing of fabrication and construction in many 2 industrial projects such as Chemical, Petrochemical, Refiner, Power plant and so on. The service works are not only look for domestic area, but also aiming to get from foreign customers.

On this way, MCO is always considering and executing to work from a stand point of customer. The contract is either acceptable lump sum system to be totaled soft and hard work or reimburse system of man-hour soft.


Since 1992 a company named Kuipline Inter Engineering Co., Ltd. was established for trading of Machinery & Equipment, Spare Parts, Mechanical, Electrical & Control, Instrumentation Line Products. The company has nationwide sales to heavy industry and construction firms; the major clients are Power Plant, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical Plant, Assembly Plant, 3 Engineering and Construction Company etc.

As the long-term experience which has been involved to Industrial Group and the idea of continuous improvement has never been stop, a part of Kuipline’s organization started to form the working team to engage with E-Commerce trading by the idea of “We have to walk with the world”. Then M.C.O Co., Ltd. has been established to serve more wide range of demand and requirement of markets.


To be the leader in providing support services nationally and internationally, develop and deliver a Total Management Package for our client.


  • Continuous improvement to meet our clients’ requirement.
  • Completed trade of industrial products.
  • To reduce Trading-Activities-Complication.
  • Entrance to Globalization Business Door.
  • Intend to manage by SOFTWARE method.

Mission Statement

  • “We will take serious on any requisition, put most effort to assist our
  • “We will be an assistant of our client to get cost reduction and get an
    efficiency work”
  • “We will provide the modern and advance system for much easier to
    manage the client’s business”
  • “We will work as the partner of our client, to help them"