Quality Policy

Our aim is to be the leader in providing these support services nationally and internationally. In order to achieve this goal we are committed to meeting and exceeding our customer needs and expectations and to provide a quality service which delivers superior value. A core of our business is to build mutually beneficial partnership with our customers and to continually seek 6 improvement for us and our clients through innovation and excellence. To this end MCO has committed itself to inline with the standard quality policy, quality assurance. The implementation of the quality management system provides the framework to ensure our aims are achieved.

Quality Management / Assurance

The company maintains a positive attitude to industrial relations, with a policy of consultation and conciliation covering all aspects of personnel and industrial relation management. .

Health and Safety

It is the policy of the company to ensure and safeguard the health and 12 safety of its employees and of others who may be affected by the company’s undertakings. Health and safety is addressed at all times and at levels of the company to promote the safe conduct of work that is so essential throughout the company’s range of activities.

Training and Development

The ongoing training and development and continuous improvement of people and company’s policy to ensure the evolution and development of the company.


All functions of the company’s activities are computerized and linked via a central computer to a common database with password controlled access to the system. The computerized functions are:

  • Administration and personnel control
  • Finance and accounts control
  • Purchasing control
  • Estimation and tender control
  • Project control
  • Stores and Material Inventory control
  • Management reporting control