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8/18 Koh-Kloy Rd., Tambon Cherngnoen, Muang Rayong, Thailand

Affiliated Companies

Aricat is the subsidiary company of MCO Group

Aricat Thailand is the Foreign Worker Employment Agency

Our Services are:

  • Adjust the condition of foreign workers to be legal.
  • Request/Renew lifetime of passport.
  • Request/Renew lifetime of work permit.
  • Request/Renew lifetime of visa.
  • Request personal ID for social security.
  • Legal services. Report for 90 days.
  • Others.

Contract us:

  • Website:
  • mobile number: (+66) 062-838-2388 (AON)
  • Email:

Aricat Esport Family is the Thai E-SPORT CLUB & the Tournaments and Events Organizer. The company aims to improve and build both players and game community.

Contract us:

  • Facebook: Aricat Esport Family
  • Mobile number: (+66) 06-3505-4646 (POOK)
  • Email:

PROSSS which will serve you the great service and mechanical part.

In PROSSS, we have many experienced people whose be in the mechanical field more than 10 years. We will deliver you the greatest quality of service.

  • FAX: (+66) 38 619-559
  • mobile number: (+66) 38 875-258-9
  • Email:

Mission Statement

  1. We commit to provide our product at the right time at the right place with ZERO tolerance.
  2. We commit to take seriously any requisition, put most effort to assist our client.
  3. We commit to provide the modern and advance system for much easier to manage the client’s business.
  4. We work as the partner of your Business.